About Mentor

Mentor Class Highlights

Excellent Study Material
Guaranteed Success.
Unmatched Teaching Quality.
Individual Attention
Regular Test and Evaluation
Free career counseling
Free 5 days Trial and Demo Classes.


Ankit Rakheja Mentor is M.B.A (Finance) and got distinction in m.com (Business Administration and Finance). Meritorious Student since his school age and topper in class XI – XII in School. Mentor Got Scholarship from Ghaziabad Public School,Nehru Nagar,Ghaziabad, in class XI and XII for Meritorious Performance in School .

Why Mentoring?

Remarkable things happen when people pursue their passions. But practice alone isn't enough to produce brilliant success. It must be combined with knowledge, guidance and encouragement to bring students possibilities to Remarkable. Our results show that students who use Mentor reap the benefits of mentoring, growing their Knowledge every Second.

Mentor Work Experience

Education Facilitator and Trainer Commerce Teacher at young and Dynamic age group age of 23. Mentor and guide and act as a counseller in Education Institute and counseller. Experience of Teaching in school and Academic Institution for more than 4 year. Working as a M.I.S training Co-ordintor in MANASSO (Management Associates Private Limited) firm. Work for part time as Management Faculty in Future Point (Registered Centre of SMU-DE) Now work as entrepreneur + Business Person +Mentor + Commerce Teacher + Trainer.

Commerce Mentor

Provides Expert Coaching Classes of accountancy and Economics to students of class XI –XII . Focus specially on XI-XII students as same is the Entry level for for commerce stream.

PersonaI Interest

Believe that every student has ability to learn and succeed. He has been helping students fulfill their dream through personalized instruction + working hand in hand with students. He infuse quality in teaching through different innovative way and use of technology and evaluate the performance of each and every student on regular basis through number of test series.

 Mentor engaged in Activity based learning for youngest students.
 Mentor Motto = Give quality education at an affordable price.
 He believes in cognitive + experiential learning.
 Mentor makes learning fun through its empirical methods.

 Mentor has everything to give a child the perfect foundation.
 Mentor teacher taught Ratio=1:10 for developing innovation teaching methodologies.
 Mentor believe In learn + Work + Play+ Think +Live.
 Mentor go beyond conventional areas to ultra modern techniques of teaching.

The Basic objective=The life of mind meets real life.
Ques. : Who knows what opportunities and challenges future holds?
Ans. :Mentor develops curiosity , perservance , Intellectual , honesty and passion for truth.
Mentor makes your child a winner with the help of Global Learning.

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